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Robo-calls show how McCain has changed

he wouldn't be trying to fly under the radar with these outrageous, offensive and incorrect robo-calls ("McCain ignores loss of Powell," Dispatch article, (8 years ago)

Coloradans getting robo calls for McCain campaign ? The

DENVER?Coloradans are among voters being targeted by automated telephone calls from Republican John McCain?s presidential campaign linking Democrat Barack Obama (9 years ago)

Robo Calls

Robo Calls. Page: 1. Read More: Robo-Calls, McCain Robocalls, Robocalls, Video, Ukraine, Politics News. Shaun Dakin, enemy of robocalls and American (3 months ago)

Mccain Robocalls

Read More: Robo-Calls, McCain Robocalls, Robocalls, Video, Ukraine, Politics News. Shaun Dakin, enemy of robocalls and American hero, tipped me to this entry on (6 years ago)

Coloradans Getting Robo Calls For Mccain Campaign

3-Day Forecast. HI: 42° LO: 18° HI: 35° LO: 20° (3 months ago)

North Carolina: What are "robo calls"? | Yahoo Answers

North Carolina: What are "robo calls"? It is an FCC program to stop robo calls. McCain is breaking FCC laws by making calls to numbers that are listed (2 weeks ago)

McCain Defends Health, Campaign Tactics

McCain Defends Health, Campaign Tactics. Comment; Share; Tweet Stumble Your robo calls. McCain: Well Sarah is a maverick. That robo call is exactly accurate. (1 month ago)

Robo-calls from McCain camp criticize Obama | Las Vegas

CARSON CITY -- Automated phone calls from the McCain camp that began a day after John McCain's last presidential campaign debate with Barack Obama continue the effort (9 years ago)

The Early Word: About those Robocalls?

Robo calls: McCain probably doesn?t answer the phone in his seven houses. They are a nuisance especially when one is caring for small children or a (9 years ago)

Photo Diary

Clearly, with the polls tightening, McCain's superior ground game, Robocop making the most excellent robo-calls, McCain's overwhelming lead in money, and (1 year ago)