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Election Day brings invasion of robocalls

Both the Obama campaign and Republican John McCain's presidential campaign have used robocalls to reach voters in numerous states, though reports indicate McCain is using them more. Robocalls from McCain's 

McCain draws criticism for 'robo calls'

LAS VEGAS ? Two senators in opposing political parties asked Republican presidential candidate John McCain to stop the automated phone calls that link.

Slimy McCain Defends His Slimy Robocalls

Bookmarks. about 23 hours ago Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning after five years in the role and overseeing the launch of? Read More ?. about 22 hours ago Mississippi state Sen.

Wave Of McCain Robocalls Reported, Some May Violate State Law

The McCain-Palin campaign and the Republican National Committee launched a massive robocall campaign on Thursday designed to alarm voters about Barack Obama's past association with former radical Bill Ayers.

McCain Robo-Calls Critical of Obama

It was just nine months ago that Senator John McCain and his campaign were decrying a series of negative robo-calls that were being made to voters before the South Carolina primary accusing him of voting to ?use unborn 

McCain Using Same Robocall Firm That Helped Smear Him In 2000

GOP primary. In recent days, the Huffington Post and other outlets have reported on the McCain-funded nationwide robocall campaign charging that Barack Obama "worked closely with" former 60s radical William Ayers.

McCain's Robocalls Have Parents Worried About Their Kids; Palin

One of the more noteworthy responses to John McCain's massive robocall campaign tying Barack Obama to Bill Ayers has been from parents whose children have been on the receiving end of the incendiary calls. Many have 

Wisconsin GOP Official Denounces McCain Robocalls, Endorses

A longtime Republican State Senator in Wisconsin history announced on Tuesday that she would be supporting Barack Obama, in part because of the negative tone of the McCain-Palin campaign and, specifically, the use of 

McCain Defends Robocalls

On "Fox News Sunday," John McCain defended his use of nasty robocalls against Obama, telling host Chris Wallace that the calls are nothing like the ones used against him in the South Carolina 2000 primary. (In fact 

Mccain Robocalls

Robo-Calls, McCain Robocalls, Robocalls, Video, Ukraine, Politics News. Shaun Dakin, enemy of robocalls and American hero, tipped me to this entry on (5 days ago)

Wave Of McCain Robocalls Reported, Some May Violate State Law

The McCain-Palin campaign and the Republican National Committee launched a massive robocall campaign on Thursday designed to alarm voters about Barack (5 years ago)

New Disgusting Robo Calls From The McCain Camp | Crooks

How low can John McCain go? The McCain campaign has authorized another vicious robocall that claims Barack Obama and Democrats would cut off fund (2 days ago)

Scott Brown Robocalls for John McCain

then Palin coming to campaign, then Scott Brown robo calls. McCain knows the longer he keeps JD the more it is likely he never even gets in. (2 weeks ago)

North Carolina: What are "robo calls"?

Register your number with It is an FCC program to stop robo calls. McCain is breaking FCC laws by making calls to numbers that are listed (1 month ago)

Campaign 2008 / Obama vs. McCain / End Game -- Oct 27

speaks about her clothes and the robo-calls.] McCain source reports about Palin quoted. Search: Search Vanderbilt Television News Archive for additional items: (4 weeks ago)

robo calls

This is just a "keep your eyes open" diary - who is behind the robo calls to KEEP CAPITALISM STRONG ? I just got a call here in Texas that Caller ID showed (2 weeks ago)

Ben's Journal: Robo Calling

Let's say, instead of robo calls, McCain did a mass e-mail. We wouldn't term this a clever guerrilla campaign - we'd call it what it is, SPAM. And that, (2 months ago)