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McCain Robo-Calls Critical of Obama

It was just nine months ago that Senator John McCain and his campaign were decrying a series of negative robo-calls that were being made to voters before the South Carolina primary accusing him of voting to ?use unborn 

GOP Robocalls Target Obama's Hollywood | Deadline

But the robocalls don't point out that McCain was campaigning in Ohio that same day. Nor that the GOP candidate also has been fundraising in Beverly Hills among the Hollywood celebs. On August 25th, McCain attended a 

Wave Of McCain Robocalls Reported, Some May Violate State Law

The call begins: "Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC," before telling recipients that they "need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. 

McCain's Robocalls Have Parents Worried About Their Kids; Palin

One of the more noteworthy responses to John McCain's massive robocall campaign tying Barack Obama to Bill Ayers has been from parents whose children have been on the receiving end of the incendiary calls. Many have 

McCain Defends Robocalls

On "Fox News Sunday," John McCain defended his use of nasty robocalls against Obama, telling host Chris Wallace that the calls are nothing like the ones used against him in the South Carolina 2000 primary. (In fact 

McCain Returns To Robocalls To Target Health Care, Democrats

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who relied heavily on automated calls to attack Barack Obama during the presidential campaign, is deploying the same tool in his efforts to derail health care legislation and bruise some 

Wisconsin GOP Official Denounces McCain Robocalls, Endorses

A longtime Republican State Senator in Wisconsin history announced on Tuesday that she would be supporting Barack Obama, in part because of the negative tone of the McCain-Palin campaign and, specifically, the use of 

Slate on split testing in the McCain and Obama campaign (robo

There was recently an article in Slate on the topic of the effective of robo-calling versus text messages, and discusses in some detail the ways that A/B testing is used in the political world. I previously wrote about a similar topic 

Has Your Member Of Congress Condemned McCain's Robocalls?

John McCain's nationwide robocalls, which charge that Barack Obama "worked closely with domestic terrorist William Ayers," continue to roil down-ticket races. Already, four Republican Senators have condemned the tactic 

McCain Now Using Robocalls He Once Condemned | Mother Jones

As John McCain robocalls sweep the country, accusing Barack Obama of literally murdering newborns and associating with a group that "killed Americans," keep in mind that when John McCain was a victim of Bush robocalls 

Mccain Robocalls

Read More: Robo-Calls, McCain Robocalls, Robocalls, Video, Ukraine, Politics News. John McCain and the GOP are throwing the kitchen sink at Barack Obama. (3 days ago)

Mccain Robocalls

Robo-Calls, McCain Robocalls, Robocalls, Video, Ukraine, Politics News. Shaun Dakin, enemy of robocalls and American hero, tipped me to this entry on (2 weeks ago)

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related sources on the web. link directory, news and information updates. (2 days ago)

The Max Journal: McCain robo calls

These last few weeks of the McCain campaign has done several things for me, none of which are good. One, I will be very disappointed if McCain wins. (1 month ago)

New Disgusting Robo Calls From The McCain Camp | Crooks

How low can John McCain go? The McCain campaign has authorized another vicious robocall that claims Barack Obama and Democrats would cut off fund (3 weeks ago)

Do You Think That McCain's Robocalls Go To Far?

Do You Think That McCain's Robocalls Go To Far? (2 months ago)

Very OT

I don't want to ask people what their opinion is on the election, we have already beat that horse to death. What I am curious is whether folks have (4 weeks ago)

Not All News is Serious: Robo Calls and McCain's Memory

A look at Robo Calls and McCain Inability to Remember all the many endorsements he's received. (2 weeks ago)