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New Rule Prohibiting Unwanted "Robocalls" to Take Effect

Beginning September 1, 2009, prerecorded commercial telemarketing calls to consumers ? commonly known as robocalls ? will be prohibited, unless the telemarketer (7 years ago)

When Debt Collector Robocalls Illegally Hijack Your Cell

When Debt Collector Robocalls Hijack Your Cell Phone + How To Make Money Off Illegal Telemarketers + Woman Fights to Collect $10M from Debt Collectors " (2 years ago)


A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political (4 days ago)

FAQs About Robo-Calling and ADADS

FAQs About Robo-Calling and ADADS. Note: At the regularly scheduled Authority Conference held on March 22, Are robo-calls illegal? Many, but not all, (6 days ago)

Is this robocall illegal? The line blurs for people with

Is this robocall illegal? The line blurs for people with student debt By Jillian Berman. Published: Feb 5, 2016 4:49 p.m. ET. Share. Companies that (11 months ago)

why do-not-call is not stopping robocalls | Consumers Union

Robocalls keep coming! You probably signed up for the Do Not Call list. And you screen incoming phone numbers. So why are you still getting illegal robocalls? (1 week ago)

Most uninvited "robocalls" become illegal Tuesday, but not

Most uninvited "robocalls" become illegal Tuesday, but not Rachel from cardholder services. By James Shiffer. September 1, 2009 ? 2 (7 years ago)

Robocalls | Consumer Information

If you answer the phone and hear a recorded message instead of a live person, it's a robocall. We?ve seen a significant increase in the number of illegal robocalls (6 days ago)

What To Do If You Get a Robocall | Consumer Information

Few things can be more annoying than answering the phone while you're in the middle of something ? and then being greeted by a recording. If you receive a robocall (4 days ago)

FTC Announces New Robocall Contests to Combat Illegal

FTC Announces New Robocall Contests to Combat Illegal Automated Calls Agency Offers Up to $50,000 in Prizes for New Consumer Solution to Reduce Calls to Landline (2 years ago)

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prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules