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Free service proves it can block unwanted robocalls

Video: Herb Weisbaum talks about the problem, and one solution to it, of robocalls. Imagine how great it would be to have a telephone that didn't accept those annoying and illegal commercial robocalls. Hermann Wolz of La 

Robocall marketer banned from telemarketing

The head of an operation that enabled telemarketers to make illegal robocalls, call phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, and mask Caller ID information, is permanently banned from telemarketing and 

FTC Files Suit to Stop Illegal Robocalls Pushing Vehicle Warranty

The Federal Trade Commission is asking a federal court to shut down a telemarketing campaign that has been bombarding U.S. consumers with hundreds of millions of allegedly deceptive ?robocalls? in an effort to sell them 

How to Protect Yourself Against Unwanted ?Robocalls?

It is important to know which robocalls are allowed by the FTC and which ones are breaking the law and most likely trying to scam you. Learning more about robocalls and your rights can help you protect yourself from 

Silencing the torrent of annoying robocalls | Las Vegas Review

These robocalls are legal and allowed. But if the recording is a sales message and you haven't given your written permission to get calls from the company on the other end, the call is illegal. Not only are the phone calls illegal 

Massachsetts Home Security Company Settles Allegations Of Illegal

The sales leads were obtained by illegal means through rampant use of robocalls from ?Tom with Home Protection,? fake survey calls, and calls to phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. According to the 

In other news: election fraud, voter suppression and illegal robocalls

And this morning the CRTC has announced $369,000 in fines for robocalls used by the Conservatives, New Democrats, Liberal MP Marc Garneau and Conservative MP Blake Richards, among others. The fine issued to the 

Frequently asked questions about robo-calls

Frequently asked questions about robo-calls Table of Contents. What is a robo-call? Why am I getting robo-calls if I?m on the Missouri No Call list? (2 days ago)

1. What is a robocall and how does it work? 2. When can

WHEN ARE ROBOCALLS LEGAL? 1. What is a robocall and how does it work? A ?robocall? is when you answer your phone and find that you are listening to a (4 days ago)

How to Report Illegal Telemarketing and Robocalls in the U.S.

How to Report Illegal Telemarketing and Robocalls in the U.S.. Recorded calls, also known as robocalls, and unsolicited telemarketing calls are annoying. They may (8 hours ago)

Robo Call State Laws

Robo Calls are used throughout the country by thousands of Americans but what most people don't take into consideration are the laws set in place regarding automated (5 days ago)


Your Resource For Robocalls & Voice Broadcasting: Robo Calls are essentially an automated voice message that are sent to a phone number contact list. (2 days ago)


A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot, hence the name. Robocalls are often associated (2 hours ago)

Robocalls | Consumer Information

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation?s consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the (3 days ago)

Robo this! Free service promises to block annoying calls

Nomorobo, a website, went live Monday. It offers a free way to block those annoying?and often illegal?automated phone calls that interrupt your day. (7 months ago)

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prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules