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Google Sues SEO Firm For Making False Partnership Claims In

Google Sues SEO Firm For Making False Partnership Claims In Illegal Robocalls. After demanding the false claims and robocalls stop more than a year ago, Google brings legal action against the agency. Ginny Marvin on 

Google Public Policy Blog: Protecting people from illegal robocalls

Protecting people from illegal robocalls. Wednesday, September 16, 2015. Posted by Brad Wetherall, Google My Business Operations Manager You're eating dinner with your family when the phone rings, and you see a phone number that 

This Week in #CivicTech: Mapping Louisville, Combatting Illegal

The first place prize went to the creators of Robokiller, an app that blocks and forwards robocalls to a crowd-sourced honeypot. The Code for Atlanta group won a runner-up prize in the FTC's DetectaRobo analytic challenge.

Why it's hard to put an end to unwanted robocalls | 89.3 KPCC

"At the FTC, we get more complaints about Do Not Call and robocalls than anything else," says Bikram Bandy, coordinator for the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call Registry. Bandy says it's illegal for marketers to use 

Ensure no one thinks you're making robocalls What's next

Here are four recommendations to give consumers the calls they want and ensure your legitimate voice messages aren't lumped in with the illegal and hated robocalls. By Brian Moore Posted November 19, 2015. No one likes robocalls, but 

Illegal robocalls being made in Pima County Bonds Election | Blog

Yes on Pima County Bonds has issued an alert regarding robocalls being made to cell phones. This is a violation of federal law. If you have/are receiving this robocall, you can file a complaint. If you receive one of these 

Bill to Stop Robocalls | WTNH Connecticut News

[anvplayer video="712055" /] WASHINGTON (WTNH) - Senator Richard Blumenthal is pushing a bill that would end those annoying robocalls and texts. The HANGUP Act (Help Americans Never Get Unwanted with no loopholes for all phones landlines mobile etc. Also make all unwanted call for surveys, selling etc illegal and strictly enforce it and not like you do with the do not call thing which is a farce and give the money you spend on this farce to the veterans.

11 Ways A Debt Collector May Be Breaking the Law

A strong federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, protects consumers against certain unfair collection practices. It applies only to outside, or third (5 years ago)

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