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Help in Zapping 'Rachel' the Robocaller

is asking attendees of next month's DEF CON 22 hacking conference in Las Vegas to build a next-generation robocall ?honeypot? ? an information system trap to lure in and identify perpetrators of illegal robocalls. The FTC 

Going to DEF CON? Help defeat annoying robocalls!

Now the Federal Trade Commission has launched ?Zapping Rachel,? a challenge to the hacker community to help track down perpetrators of this and other illegal robocalls and scams. And they are turning to the hacker 

Illegal Political Robocalls to Cost Online Company $2.9M | Aristotle

The FCC announced this month that they have handed down a $2.9 million dollar penalty to Dialing Services, LLC for robocalls without consumer permission.

%*&^ Robocalls! | Bankruptcy Tucson

robocalls Did you know that those recorded, computer voice calls that ring at the most inappropriate times ? advertising products or offering to sell you services to reduce your debt - are ILLEGAL? Which ones are allowed?

CONSUMER ALERT: ?Card Services? robocalls return with a new

MADISON (WITI) ? It has been nearly two years since ?Rachel from Cardholder Services? was Public Enemy No. 1. The automated robocalls using ?Rachel's? voice were an illegal nuisance, falsely promising consumers 

Cochran violating Mississippi State law, using race-baiting robocalls

Cochran violating Mississippi State law, using race-baiting robocalls to turn out DEMS against Republican primary winner. Tweet. This is why I say if Cochran wins ? by blatantly violating state law, which demands that you 

Free service proves it can block unwanted robocalls Money

Video: Herb Weisbaum talks about the problem, and one solution to it, of robocalls. Imagine how great it would be to have a telephone that didn't accept those annoying and illegal commercial robocalls. Hermann Wolz of La 

3 On Your Side: Stopping Robocalls CBS Philly

The Federal Trade Commission openly admits they can't stop all these illegal calls. So they held a contest last year looking for creative ways to solve the problem. The winner of the contest was Aaron Foss. His invention is 

AG: Number of robocalls going down | WISH-TV

Zoeller's office also said, since January, it has received about 4,000 complaints from people who got calls from a live operator, or pre-recorded message. In Indiana, most robocalls are illegal. The next quarterly deadline to 

Be on alert of home security system robocalls |

MADISON (WITI) ? Wisconsin residents are receiving robocalls promising free security systems for their homes. Unsolicited sales calls are illegal. These current calls do not appear to come from a legitimate alarm company 

Robocall scammers use 'Life Alert' to swindle seniors

A new barrage of annoying robocalls is targeting seniors across the country with the promise of a free medical alert system. And not just any system - the (1 year ago)

Callerr dot com

Welcome to Callerr. Our goal is quite simple: To be the world's biggest user generated phone number information database. Our objective is to gather phone numbers (6 days ago)

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prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules